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Should You Buy a Shoulder Holster for Concealed Carry?

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In old western movies, you will most likely see a cowboy or a sheriff wearing a concealed carry shoulder holster. Although this was the norm back in the day, in today’s day and age, it’s rare. In fact, rarely does anyone even talk about shoulder holsters anymore. To put the use of shoulder holsters into perspective, they’re about as popular as spoiled milk. They’re not as useful as a holster should be, and they have many weaknesses to them.

What’s Wrong With Wearing a Shoulder Holster?

Some gun enthusiasts and educators are all about shoulder holsters, for reasons such as comfort. However, when you actually try out a shoulder holster by wearing it all day, you’ll soon learn there are very few designs that provide the user with actual comfort. Additionally, some of the concealed holsters are just too complicated to use for the average consumer. Not only may they require the perfect design to fit properly, but they require too much attention to keep in place.

Acknowledged Safety Shortcomings

There’s Bad News for Shoulder Holsters

The Cross Draw Movement

One of the most popular and biggest concerns of shoulder holsters, concealed or not, is their safety. Many firearms instructors routinely work with all different experience levels of gun enthusiasts, and a concealed shoulder holster seems to do more harm than good. Why? First off, a shoulder holster acts as a “quick draw” or “cross draw” holster. This means that during the action of taking the gun out of the holster, the gun will at some point be held on its side (horizontally) and pointed away from the side of the shooter. If you’re experienced with a gun at all, especially while

around other lives, this movement is a no-no. To some, this may not seem dangerous, but here’s why it is: Let’s say I’m wearing a shoulder holster and you’re standing to my left. When I draw out my pistol from the holster and it has a negligent discharge while removing it from the holster (on the left side), chances are, your body will be catching the accidentally charged bullet. For this reason, shoulder holsters have had their reputation taken from them and instead replaced with a bad one that has even driven insurance rates through the roof!

The Draw Stroke

As you can imagine, if a shoulder holster forces you to complete a “cross draw” like movement across your body, pointing the gun at anything or anyone next to you, the movement itself is considered dangerous. For this reasons, we feel it’s important to mention the draw stroke also has some downfalls. In fact, when using a concealed shoulder holster, your drawing stroke will likely face the barrel of the gun at some part of your own body. If you don’t know how to “chicken-wing” while drawing your gun from the concealed holster so the muzzle clears the leather appropriately, yes, you may complicate things with a bullet hole.

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