5 tips for Concealed Carry

5 tips for Concealed Carry

Whether you are new to carrying a gun everyday or have be carrying for years we compiled a list of what we believe are the top 5 most important tips for Everyday Concealed Carry. So without further introduction lets jump right in.

The Law: If you plan on carrying a gun on a daily basis for self defense you must know the law. You don't need to be able to recite the book but every state is different and you need to be very familiar with everything that pertains to how you carry and defend yourself. You need to know where you can and can't carry or what certain signs mean as well as what is defined as deadly force in your state.

The Belt: I have tried tons of belts over the years for carrying a gun. Some were cheap some were very expensive and I have not found a substitute for a solid leather gun belt. Very durable for long term daily use and EDC. When looking at average conceal carry guns you are in the ballpark of 1 to 3 lbs and you need something that can support that for 8 hours or more Which is why we designed ours with comfort in mind.

The Holster: Holsters go hand in hand with having the right belt in order to carry. You need a holster that's comfortable to wear for long periods of time, retains and secures the firearm, and allows you to draw the firearm quickly and be used effectively. Different carry positions require different holsters. This is important to think about before you buy a holster if the position or holster is not comfortable you wont carry and that defeats the purpose.

The Gun: Just as crucial as the previous things listed is the choice in gun. This is not where I am going to bore you with a caliber discussion but what I will say is don't buy a gun you have not shot! I cant express this enough as a former worker in retail gun sales I had a many customers over the years I can tell you most of the reflex gun purchases were brought back to the store as a trade in or requesting a refund because “Its uncomfortable” or “I did not like how it shot” guns are an investment and at an average of between $400 to $800 dollars you don't want to be stuck with something you hate. Once again you don't like it, you don't shoot it, you don't carry it and it defeats the purpose of the license completely.

The Responsibility: Greatest is the responsibility of carrying a gun. That breaks down into two parts. First TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN, please for your sake and for all of those around you practice often shooting is a perishable skill and if you are going to carry a gun you need to be proficient. In the real world you are in a public space surrounded by people mostly and you are going to be held responsible for every round that leaves your gun so you want to make sure they are going exactly where you want them. Second is your mindset having the right mindset and understanding that most times its better to bite your lip and walk away. Look at situations objectively and try to remove your emotions and make the most reasonable decisions. Don't ever let the gun on your hip convince you to interject yourself in a situation you would have never been in before and remember...Always Be Ready.

31st Dec 2019 Jacob Kirtley

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