Basic Self-Defense Tips

No one likes to think of themselves or their loved ones being attacked, but in order to avoid harm, one must know basic self-defense tips and plan just in case. No matter whether you’ve made the investment in a weapon and a concealed carry holster, these basics, if put into practice, will help keep you safe.

Don’t Put Yourself in a Bad Situation

The best defense sometimes can be, avoiding potentially harmful situations, such as dark alleys, long walks to the car alone at night, and flashing the contents of your wallet. If you encounter a potentially harmful situation, ask others for help, for example, ask a friend to walk you to your car and drive them to theirs, take an Uber or Lyft, or carpool.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Research has shown that those who are more likely to be attacked are those who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. Those absorbed in their phone, listening to music, or rummaging in their purse are more likely to encounter an attacker. To avoid this, keep your eyes up and occasionally check your surroundings, looking behind and side to side. Even those alone are less likely to get accosted if they are warey.


Sometimes unsafe situations are unavoidable and despite our best intentions we may encounter a problem. One way to prepare is to know the logistics of the rest of the party; ask your friends what their plans are and see if you can coordinate so you are less likely to put yourself in a harmful situation. Also, have your concealed carry holstered, your gun cleaned, and be sufficiently trained with your weapon.

Have A Plan

Though the likelihood of having a problem is low, knowing exactly what you will do will help you, stay safe and come out of a situation positively. As stated in concealed carry classes, you must be ready to shoot an enemy if they threaten you or your loved one. Though the thought is uncomfortable, it is essential. When coming up with a self-defence plan, visualize each and every situation and the entire situation. Studies have shown that athletes and others doing physical activity are more likely to perform at their best if they visualize their entire routine; likewise, the same studies have shown that people who visualize situations positively, will have a greater chance of success.


Though there are many options to defend oneself, having a concealed weapon has been shown to be the most effective deterrent in negative situations. Many who have had to pull their concealed carry weapon have rarely had to fire it. Most people who pose a threat are looking for the easiest target.

Put these easy self-defence tips into practice and get a high-quality concealed holster, and keep yourself and family safe today! At White Hat Holster, we believe in not only having the highest quality products available, but also helping you protect yourself and the ones you love. Shop our inventory today!

10th Aug 2016

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