Frangible Ammo

Frangible Ammo

    Today I want to talk about Frangible ammo and where it fits into your training and CCW lifestyle. So for those new to Frangible ammo lets take a look at what it is. The first thing is what is "Frangible"? When talking about ammo Frangible means that the bullets are intended to disintegrate into tiny particles upon target impact to minimize their penetration of other objects. The ammo I am specifically looking at is from a company called Sinterfire. 

      Now at first glance, This ammo looks like a hollow point but upon further inspection, it's much more than that. This ammo is specifically made for shooting steel targets and usually is a projectile made up of compressed copper powder and some other metals to help it keep its shape and hardness. When broken up or crushed these rounds look like a pile of sand on a tabletop because they are designed to turn to dust upon striking the steel surface of a target. Mainly designed for very close quarter training or MIL/LE it is advertised that you can shoot these rounds point-blank at a steel target without being hit with any ricochets. 

     What does this mean for us? Well, when I go to my local outdoor range I'm in a bay that allows me to shoot 180 degrees at steel and when shooting and moving or practicing my draw at a close distance I don't have to worry about being hit with lead shards or scrap copper jacket that has shredded of after impacting the target. I see that as a benefit because it now allows me to train a little more realistically without putting my safety at risk. There are other benefits to this ammo as well like the fact that they don't contain lead like some other ammunition does meaning it's well suited to shoot indoors and opens up the opportunity to shoot at steel plates at indoor ranges as well. 

     If you can make the upfront investment of buying your own steel targets then over time it could save you some money as well. Overall I like the design and the benefits compared to shooting or training with FMJ. This ammo is not for general paper punching but it for sure has its place in your range bag the next time you head out to practice. We also discuss this topic in EP. 6 of our podcast Guns N' Stuff N' Whatever on Youtube,Spotify, Soundcloud, and Google Play. 

25th Oct 2019 Jacob Kirtley

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