Gun Safes... Need or not?

Gun Safes... Need or not?

Gun Safes... Which one is right for you and do you even need one?

When it comes to securing your guns at home everyone has different needs. If you have children or visitors, ensuring your gun doesn't fall into untrained hands is not only the right thing to do,. but legally required in some stated. There is a real chance that if someone has an accident in your house, with your gun, you could face criminal prosecution and a long term vacation at Attica resort.

Quick access Gun Safe

Now if you are a person who lives alone, doesn't have people coming over when your gun isn't being worn, or otherwise don't concern yourself with the wrong person touching you pistol, a basic gun safe could still be a great idea. In the case of a break in, or burglary, the last thing you want to lose is your handgun or other firearms. If you stick with a carry pistol, a simple bedside safe or under bed safe that holds one gun can run you as little as $20 and will keep your carry gun safe and secure when not in use.

Large Gun Safe

For those of us that may have a little more extensive collection, an upright gun safe can be more beneficial. Many of the stand up safes these days have built in fire and water protection and not only keep your guns safe but keep them protected in the worst case scenario. its also a great place to keep valuables such as jewelry, passports, and other critical documentation. however, just be aware that once you get a gun safe, it tends to fill up quickly and then you need a 2nd one. I don't know why that happens, but it seems if you have room for guns, you tend to get more. Not a bad thing as long as you have a place to keep them.

Check out the gunsafetips blog for more info on gun safes and which one might be right for you. As always, be safe, God Bless, and Have a Great day!

27th Aug 2018 Tony Farah

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