What is a Hybrid Holster?

What is a Hybrid Holster?

So what is a hybrid holster? We have all seen them before. The big slab of leather with the molded plastic shell on the front. But what makes it special and why should you try one for yourself? This article will get into that in great detail and hopefully answer any questions you might have had about hybrid holsters.

Traditionally holsters are made of leather or nylon. They can also be made of plastics including molded thermoplastics and injection molded plastics as well. When you have a fully molded holster, you have the impression of the gun, and the details of the gun shape itself molded into the material. This can cause an issue where the impression of the gun itself creates pressure points that can make carrying a holster in the waistband very uncomfortable. In the waistband holsters or IWB holsters, are always more concealable but traditionally less comfortable than OWB, or outside the waistband holsters.

The hybrid holster design eliminates that problem by molding the plastic shell in the front to the gun itself, and leaving the leather backing flat and unmolded to the gun. The result is a comfortable flat leather backing that will mold itself to your body instead of the gun overtime and become more and more comfortable as you wear it. The possibility of pressure points creating discomfort is gone, and in our case, the leather itself is left natural on the back side so it remains breathable and does not get hot or create moisture while you are wearing it.

The other benefit of our specific design is that the kydex (molded plastic) pieces on the front which retain the gun, can be easily swapped out for other gun models at any time. So if you change carry guns seasonally, or just get a new daily carry handgun, all you have to do is switch out the kydex pieces and you are good to go with a new gun. The leather will already be broken in to your body and carry position so the holster will be ready to go for you new EDC setup.

The other benefit of many hybrid holsters, ours included, is the dual clips that are spaced apart from each other. This type of clip spacing allows the gun belt to support the weight of the gun over a larger area of your waist. By dispersing the weight over a larger area the entire concealed carry holster becomes much more comfortable by not only eliminating the pressure points that make iwb carry uncomfortable but also by preventing the weight of the gun and the holster itself pulling your pants down or sagging your belt. That being said, a good concealed carry gun belt will always add to the comfort of carrying your gun every day.

Most people will go through an evolution throughout their concealed carry lives where they will spend a lot of time choosing the correct concealed carry handgun, the caliber they want, which type of ammo is best, added aftermarket sights, lights, lasers, etc. However, most people don't put a lot of thought initially into which type of holster they want to carry. As a result many people will start their concealed carry journey with a cheaper holster that doesn't support the weapon or retain it very well. As a result of this, many people will just stop carrying their gun everyday. The ability to get a good quality holster early on when you first start carrying a concealed handgun is truly a blessing. A good quality holster will not only support the gun very well, but it will also ensure proper function.

A good concealed carry holster is designed to do three main functions. First, it has to keep the trigger protected. There may sometimes be a slight opening in the rear of the trigger guard to ensure a good grip on the gun itself, but the trigger itself needs to be covered and should not be able to be manipulated once it is holstered. The second function, and equally as important is keeping the gun stable and available. The holster must allow the grip of the gun to ride at the appropriate height over the belt line to allow a proper and full firing grip when drawing the gun so that it can be presented easily and as little grip adjustment as possible needs to be made. The third function is simply to secure the firearm itself. Our holsters use a passive retention system which means there is no thumb break or other retention device on most of our products. This is by design since they are made to be concealed carry holsters specifically. The less manipulation you need to do when trying to draw your gun in the heat of the moment, the better. So it is very important that the retention be just enough to keep the gun from falling out while running or jumping or going about your normal daily activities, but still loose enough to allow a clean quick draw when needed.

Our holster products accomplish all of those specific tasks very well in my opinion. We hope you will try one for yourself and let us know what you think. If you have additional questions about which holster might be right for you please feel free to reach out to us anytime by phone or email. Thanks so much. God bless. Have a great day.

6th Aug 2018 Tony Farah

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