Sringfield Hellcat w/ Viridian GREEN E Series

Sringfield Hellcat w/ Viridian GREEN E Series

Holsters for the Springfield Hellcat w/Viridian GREEN E-Series Laser

The Springfield Hellcat with GREEN E-Series Laser holsters are now available. The Hellcat is the answer to the slim single stack concealed carry options that everyone is looking for these days. A similar form factor with larger capacity makes this a formidable and popular concealed carry handgun choice. White Hat now offers all of our holster products to fit the Springfield Hellcat with GREEN E-Series Laser. Choose from IWB, OWB, and off-body concealed carry holsters for the Springfield Hellcat.

Get OWB and IWB Holsters for all your concealed carry needs! Proudly Texas based, White Hat Holsters has created some of the most comfortable, durable, easily concealed holsters for the laser equipped Springfield Hellcat that you'll find anywhere. Choose between our Obsidian line, with the ultra-tactical black Kydex on a black leather backing or totally customize your holster to match your personality. 30 day money back guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

Either way, get your new open or concealed carry holsters foe the Springfield Hellcat with GREEN Viridian E-Series Laser from White Hat today!




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