IWB Double Magazine Holsters - Signature Series

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  • IWB in the waistband magazine holster
  • Reversible configuration for right or left side carry
  • Double IWB Magazine Holsters
  • Tuckable and adjustable
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Our IWB, in the waistband double magazine holster is as stealthy as it gets for carrying double the extra ammo. Easily switch out the kydex shells if you change carry guns and need another caliber mag holder. Extremely comfortable, tuckable, and secure. Available in cowhide or horsehide leather options and now fully customizable kydex pieces available in all of our stock kydex patterns and colors or your own custom images. Rigid construction in the same configuration as our popular hybrid holsters. For the ultimate in tuckable concealed carry firepower, it doesn't get any better than this.




PLEASE NOTE: There will be some variances in leather thickness range marks, grain pattern, and color (lighter or darker). The magazine holster is interchangeable with the magazine kydex pieces. This product may have a stitched cowhide liner to increase the thickness as necessary. This will not effect the satisfaction guarantee or the warranty in any way and may even increase the moisture resistant properties of the backing.

While extremely comfortable, an IWB holster along with an IWB Magazine Holster takes up a lot of space in the waistband. This configuration will probably require a larger pant and belt size than you would normally wear. 





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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Great mag carrier

    Super comfortable and concealable. Took maybe a couple days to break in though I did wear it constantly throughout the day. Goes great with my Maxclip holster, I can achieve very quick draws and reloads. I like that I can change the Kydex if I ever want to carry something different too. Very pleased and well worth the money. Great job once again!

  • 5
    Only IWB Mag Carrier I will ever use!

    I have tried a lot of different mag carriers but I have finally found the perfect solution for my needs! Sturdy, comfortable, with perfect retention! It’s a piece of art, an outstanding example of craftsmanship; a shame no one ever sees it

  • 5
    Great companion to Max-Tuck

    Bought to accompany my Max-Tuck holster, this is essential to maximize stealth and easy access. Do make sure your waistband and belt can accommodate both a holster and magazines before purchase. Initially, I found the kydex for double-stack magazines slightly loose for S&W mags and very loose for Ruger mags. This was fixed by careful application of blow-dryer heat and pressure from a screwdriver handle on the adjustment groove until a compromise fit for both manufacturers was found.

  • 5
    Everything you need, nothing you don't.

    Awesome I've ever seen. Wish I had found White Hat Holsters the day they opened.

  • 5
    Love this product

    This product is very well made. A must have.

  • 5
    Fat & Happy with IWB Holster and Mag Carrier

    My daily carry is a Para 1911 and a few extra pounds. After wearing the Tuckable IWB holster for a few months, I ordered the Tuckable IWB Mag carrier. Both are comfortable and secure held in place close to the body. One of the reasons I chose White Hat is the fact that the scabbards can be changed and the same leather and belt clips can be retained. Good job.

  • 5

    Love my mag holster. well made ,tough,and nice looking

  • 5
    I searched all over and found the best IWB magazine holder out there!

    Carrying spare magazines exposed on a belt might as well be advertising to the public that one is carrying a gun. Pocket carry is an option, but an uncomfortable and inconvenient one at that. That leaves IWB as the best option, if one can manage to find a suitable carrier. I scoured the internet searching for an IWB magazine carrier available for a reasonable price, of good workmanship, and that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The search was not easy, with few options available and even fewer that satisfied more than one of my criteria. This IWB magazine holder is reasonably priced, of good workmanship, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable for all day carry. It is more concealable than my subcompact pistol, and it delivers on every promise given by White Hat Holsters. This IWB magazine holder complements an IWB gun holster and is the perfect solution for true deep concealment. It is also IDPA legal, which is important to me because I occasionally participate in the sport to practice for proficiency and to provide me with a sense of my limitations.

  • 5
    Great Job Tony

    This is the most comfortable IWB I have ever had. When I got the mag holder it was a little lose in my opinion and once I called and spoke with tony he personally made me a new on and overnighted it to me. the 2nd one was perfect and the customer service is above and beyond. Thank you White Hat!

  • 5
    very cool

    This is very sleek and comfortable. A very satisfied customer

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