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MaxTuck - Full Sized Hybrid IWB Holster

Our flagship product, MaxTuck is designed to fit all your handguns large and small in one complete package. The interchangeable Kydex will fit all gun models snugly and comfortably. For all day concealed carry you won't find a more comfortable, functional or concealable holster than our MaxTuck Hybrid IWB holster. Our full sized, concealed hybrid IWB holsters are made of leather backings offering extra protection between your skin and gun. The leather backing also protects your gun from corrosion and come with either a cowhide or horsehide leather backing. 

Cowhide Vs Horsehide
There's more info below, but basically, if you sweat, carry for prolonged periods or live in a humid climate, go with horsehide. Horsehide backings offers greater waterproofing between you and your gun. Cowhide is great for cooler climates, or if you operate primarily in an air conditioned building or vehicle.

Still not sure? - Maybe you should buy one of each... or just give us a call and we can help you out. ;) Click on an image or read on below for more information.
MaxTuck is a registered trademark of White Hat Holsters, LLC. Patent# 29454676