MaxTuck Hybrid IWB Holster - Signature Series

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Our flagship product, the MaxTuck Hybrid IWB Holster, is designed to fit all your handguns large and small in one complete package and is available in all our options to customize your gear. The interchangeable Kydex will fit all gun models snugly and comfortably. For all day concealed carry you won't find a more comfortable, functional or concealable holster than our MaxTuck Hybrid IWB holster. Our full sized, concealed hybrid IWB holsters are made of leather backings offering extra protection between your skin and gun. The leather backing also protects your gun from corrosion and come with either a cowhide or horsehide leather backing.  




PLEASE NOTE: The image shown is combat cut and there may be some variances in leather thickness, range marks, grain pattern, and color (lighter or darker). The MaxTuck is interchangeable with the Max Holster Platform products only.This product may have a stitched cowhide liner to increase the thickness as necessary. This will not effect the satisfaction guarantee or the warranty in any way and may even increase the moisture resistant properties of the backing.



Reviews (245)

JD 22nd Mar 2018


Yesterday I received my MaxTuck IWB holster for (brown leather, OD Green Kydex with combat cut) my Arex ReX Zero 1 Compact. I can safely say this is the most comfortable holster I've ever word. The leather is good quality and the retention clips are super strong. I will be ordering another for my 1911 soon. If you're on the fence about getting an IWB, I HIGHLY recommend this holster. It's comfortable enough to forget you are wearing it. Also, for comparison, I am 5' 11" and 270 lbs with a 40 in waist and it doesn't print at all.

Zachary Ruiz 7th Mar 2018

Great Quality, Super Comfortablet

This is a super comfortable hybrid holster. I have a black horsehide leather holster with the Texas flag kydex for a Glock 19 with an APLc light attachment. Fits really well. High quality leather and good color and build in the kydex. The steel clip are strong with good retention. They adjust easily with the Chicago screws. The only thing I didn’t like but is a minor detail is that the edges were beveled but still left raw. The edges aren’t polished or smoothed out but still comfortable. I ended up just polishing the edges on my own. Great holster I can wear all day.

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