MaxTuck Hybrid IWB Holster - Signature Series

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  • MaxTuck Custom IWB Full Size Holster
  • Conceal RMR and Light bearing handguns
  • Tuckable and Adjustable for ride depth and carry angle
  • The most comfortable IWB holster option you will ever find
  • Full firing grip with combat cut option
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Our flagship product, the MaxTuck Hybrid IWB Holster, is designed to fit all your handguns large and small in one complete package and is available in all our options to customize your gear. The interchangeable Kydex will fit all gun models snugly and comfortably. For all day concealed carry you won't find a more comfortable, functional or concealable holster than our MaxTuck Hybrid IWB holster. Our full sized, concealed hybrid IWB holsters are made of leather backings offering extra protection between your skin and gun. The leather backing also protects your gun from corrosion and come with either a cowhide or horsehide leather backing.  

  • CHOOSE YOUR LEATHER - Select the leather type and finish you prefer.

  • COMBAT vs STANDARD CUT - Combat cut recommended. It clears a bit more of the leather to allow a full firing grip. Standard Cut will allow a little more coverage for aggressive grips but will not cover the entire grip.
  • CHOOSE KYDEX COLOR - Select the Color or pattern of kydex you prefer. 
  • GUN MODEL - Select your gun model by manufacturer name in alphabetical order. Select only one gun model from either list, not one from each. 
  • RED DOT SIGHT BUILDUP - We do not make a cut out for Red Dot sight clearance like other holster makers. We mold the kydex around the optic to aid in re-holstering, and provide some protection for the optic. If you are not sure if your red dot sight is a full size or micro, please email a photo to [email protected] and we will be glad to help. If you want a cutout instead, just make a note in the order comments, or send us an email.
    • Micro Red Dot - Max Width 1.0", Max Height (off top of slide) 0.9"
    • Full Red Dot - Max Width 1.2", Max Height (off top of slide) 1.2" 
  • SUPPRESSOR HEIGHT SIGHTS - Only select this option if you sights taller than 0.30". Most big dot, and aftermarket sights will not require this selection. Only for true suppressor height sights up to 0.50" tall. 
  • RAIL MOUNTED LIGHTS/LASERS - Select your rail mounted light or laser from this list. Most of these will be non gun model specific, meaning they can be used on a variety of guns, not just one. Any gun model specific lasers will be listed with the gun models, such as the Crimson Trace trigger guard mounted lasers, and the LaserMax lights and lasers that are made for one gun model only.  
  • ORIENTATION - Select right or left handed draw. Our holsters do not work in a reverse configuration for SOB or Cross draw, so be sure to select the option that matches your shooting hand.

    • Steel - Very sturdy and rigid. Will fit up to 1.75 inch belt
    • Nylon 1.5 - Injection molded, Very strong. Easier to take on and off and to reposition the holster while wearing it. Requires good belt for proper retention. Fits up to 1.5 inch gun belt.
    • Nylon 1.75 - Same as Nylon 1.5. Fits up to 1.75 inch gun belt.
  • COMMENTS - Include any relevant info, or clarifications about fit, gun model, accessories, or special instructions that you would like us to address. 





PLEASE NOTE: The image shown is combat cut and there may be some variances in leather thickness, range marks, grain pattern, and color (lighter or darker). The MaxTuck is interchangeable with the Max Holster Platform products only.This product may have a stitched cowhide liner to increase the thickness as necessary. This will not effect the satisfaction guarantee or the warranty in any way and may even increase the moisture resistant properties of the backing.







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319 Reviews

  • 5
    MaxTuck Hybrid IWB Holster from White Hat Holsters

    These holsters are great....super comfortable, good retention, and they just look great. The ordering process is easy and straight forward....the customer service is SUPERB!! If there is anything wrong with the order or the product, it is taken care of in a very timely manner with the great professionalism. It's great to see an American made product with such responsive service. That type of service is getting to be a scarcity anymore. I will continue to buy holsters from White Hat and will ALWAYS recommend them if someone is looking for a quality holster from a company that will stand by their product.

  • 5
    IWB Holster - Horsehide - Excellent Build!

    This holster is the best quality overall that I've experienced. The horsehide is tough to break in, but once you get it softened up it's very form-fitting and comfy. Low profile, good looking, and honest price. Thanks WHH! - Leroy

  • 5
    Max tuck for an HK VP9SK w/crimson trace laser.

    Super comfortable, hides weapon well even with just a t shirt. Feels very durable and seems like really fine leather was used. Wish my gun fit a little more snug, but being an IWB, no an issue. Very happy and will be my EDC holster for the long haul!

  • 5

    Extremely well made..great crafting...very happy with purchase

  • 5
    Solid holster

    They offered the light options that other brands didn't, so I went with them. I am happy to report that it fits great and very comfortable to wear all day for a Glock 19 and attached light.

  • 5
    MaxTuck Hybrid IWB Holster - Signature Series

    Best holster I have owned, combined with the best customer service. I love this holster even more when utilizing Ulti-Clips.

  • 5
    Great holster.

    Best IWB holster on the market. Horse hide is very comfortable.

  • 5
    Best gun holster by far

    I have tried on several holsters to see what would conceal best as I am a female and find it harder to conceal. My sister let me try on her holster and it was perfect. I like how I can customize it - and nothing screams America than my flag gun holster!

  • 5
    Maxtux hybrid holdter

    Fantastic quality. One of the best holsters I have. Fits close in to hide the butt of the pistol.. The plastic clips hold to the belt better than any other holster I ever had. This is a quality holster and is highly recommended

  • 4
    Great holster

    This is an awesome holster and very comfortable, I have recommended this holster to everyone that asks and would give 5 stars if I didn't have to change to clips screws out with t post screws as my clip in the back came off first time I wore it, but after that I'm in and out of backhoes, bobcats excavator and dumptruck all day without having to adjust it or take it off and can go home watch tv and fall asleep in the couch without noticing it's there... 6' 230lbs. 3:30 position.

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