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Replacement kydex for your MaxTuck, MaxSlide, or MaxVeclro holsters. Our options allow you to customize your holster to your liking. Made of durable .060 kydex material this replacement shell will stand the test of time. Enjoy added piece of mind with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all of our products. 

Our Max Holsters allow interchangeable Kydex scabbards, This allows you to use ONE holster for MULTIPLE carry weapons... and save a TON of money!


Reviews (179)

Duane 7th Apr 2018

Happy Camper

I have to agree with the majority of the reviewers, WHH makes a quality product whether you order a complete holster or just the Kydex replacement. I have ordered several complete holsters and magazine holsters as well as several of the Kydex replacements.over the years. My personal preference is for the horsehide backer in the IWB. If you sweat at all, you will certainly appreciate the advantages of horsehide. For the magazine holster, I usually opt for the OWB as it just more comfortable than trying to stuff the gun and magazine holsters inside your pants. I have always found the quality of their products to be top notch, and I have never had any issues with the leather or Kydex. I prefer to stay with the Maxtuck/Maxslide replacement Kydex so I can stay with the same backer for different pistols. One item of note is that when I am training, I have never had any issues with either the pistol or magazines accidentally coming out of their respective holsters. Everything stays put where it belongs. As many reviewers have noted, it is a great product for a fair price. You can't get much better than that.

Tim 20th Mar 2018

Worked Great

Worked perfectly to update my MaxTuck Holster to a new pistol I purchased. Saved me about 50% of the cost over buying an entirely holster.

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