MicroSlide OWB Holster - Obsidian Series

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Our OWB MicroSlide holster gives you the flexibility of interchangeable kydex in the Micro Holster platform. The gun models and laser options available for this holster are limited to the compact and sub compact genre. Available with a Sweat Shield which helps protect the gun from you side if wearing against the skin and also aids in re-holstering when rail mounted lights and lasers are in use. Double layered and stitched for added durability, our holsters come with a lifetime warranty and 30 day trial period. Our OWB holsters carry close to the body, keeping the gun upright and vertical for maximum concealment. We also utilize the same FBI cant angle for our OWB holsters. This keep the butt of the gun higher and helps prevent printing as well as making the draw more natural and smooth.



PLEASE NOTE: Belt slots are made to fit up to 1.75" wide gun belts. If you have a tactical or duty belt that is wider then 1.75" please let us know in the comment section of your order so we can adjust it accordingly.

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10 Reviews

  • 5
    SR22 Olight PL Mini 2 Valkyrie

    Posted by Shane on 16th Oct 2019

    Wonderful fit, great construction. Now I can carry my easy to shoot 22 and have a weapon mounted light for nighttime in one sleek setup

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    Undisclosed position

    Posted by X on 24th Sep 2019

    This is easily the best owb/ ccw holster I have been able to find anywhere.
    As close to the body as possible but shielded from skin/ undershirt yet hardly any printing issue due to compact pistol size. This is also one if the few manufacturers that sell a holster for my issued weapon (that has been discontinued by Sig).
    Oiled leather upon receipt for smooth quick draw.
    If you are larger, have one of 'those' jobs and are not comfortable with iwb- this is for you.
    Comfortable and compact.
    Sitting/ standing/ driving/ jogging/ fence jumping: no problem.
    Weapon inter-changeability is just a plus.
    Not cheap but better than experimenting and hoping. This one works well.
    Thanks White hat.

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    Great Value for a lefty

    Posted by Don on 29th Jun 2019

    Well I am back to finally write a review for this holster . Let me start out by saying IWB just isn't for me. I literally have a drawer full of holsters from all the top makers and not one is comfortable for me. I getting on in years and weight sadly and every IWB I've tried hurts my hip for some reason. No, I am not a professional concealed carry guy and only recently decided that concealed carry was for me with our ever changing violent world and all . I've owned and used them all my life but just never felt the need to carry. So after that decision was made i had to decide on what firearm I wanted to carry, I recently acquired a SW 380 EZ and an XDS in 9mm. Now problem one is I am left handed and I was looking for a belt slide for the 380. Two attempts at that with the big name leather holster and they really don't fit the gun. It literally drops through both holsters restricting grip. So I had heard about this place and figured why not. There's still room in the holster drawer. Bonus one, I bought one holster and got two. By that I mean I have kydex for both guns on one platform . And the 380 fits like a glove. No slop, no bounce nothing just a perfect fit. As for the holster it will require some getting used to it is rather long or wide and on most of my pants has to be woven over loops . I do not own a pair of jeans so I have no idea how it fits on Levi's. Everything I have is a cargo or tactical style pant with several loops. However once you get it located it stays and is nice and tight to the body. No flop or bounce or any movement at all really. And with the 380 I really don't even know it's there and is very comfortable. It easily conceals under any round bottom shirt or pull over with minimal printing if any. I am using a normal leather belt from Walmart and it fits fine. For me this is the best holster to date and is my go to holster especially for the 380 I have not swapped it over to the XDS as of yet but I can't foresee any issues there. Final thoughts, Excellent holster value and you cannot beat the warranty. Good people to work with and it arrived in good time and shape. So if i had one complaint or suggestion it would be to make it a little smaller somehow on the length and remove that bottom flap. As it will take up all the real estate on your side as an IWB will and since it's outside I have found it will restrict access to my pockets somewhat. If you managed to get this far then just order one it is a great holster for the non IWB crowd.

  • 5
    Extremely concealable

    Posted by James F on 29th Apr 2019

    The craftsmanship on this holster is top notch. It looks great and everything is finely finished. I’d happily open carry this if it didn’t conceal as well as it does. I had mine made for a P238 with a Streamlight TLR-6 and it is exactly what I needed. It holds the firearm securely, doesn’t interfere with the light and still conceals my tiny handgun. Sometimes you get a holster that does some of what you want but not all of it; this is the exception. It’s exceptionally comfortable, easily concealed and allows for an excellent draw.
    I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Obsidian holster

    Posted by Nigel Rodger on 12th Mar 2019

    Very comfortable, secure ,and easy to draw.

  • 5
    Perfect for the LCP2 with e-series laser

    Posted by Tony Z on 25th Feb 2019

    With a Ruger LCP2 and the e-series viridian laser, one can forget they have a gun on. I sometimes tap my side to make sure I didn't leave it in the Tahoe!

  • 5

    Posted by Brian Goke on 19th Sep 2018

    Beautifully crafted holster, fast shipping times, excellent customer service. Unfortunately this holster didn't meet my current needs, but here is where their customer service shines. Full refund no questions asked. That's awesome as money allows in the future for me to have multiple holsters I will definitely order again once I'm out of the academy and established. Thanks White Hat

  • 5

    Posted by SeaDog on 27th Jun 2018

    In my opinion the WhiteHat MICROSLIDE OWB HOLSTER - OBSIDIAN SERIES is the perfect OWB holster. This unit is everything I want and nothing I don’t want. This holster is small, comfortable and easily accessible when needed. The fact that I can change the two parts of this holster to accommodate wear is another factor that makes this the best holster that I own.

  • 5
    Micro Slide OWB

    Posted by Paul Montgomery on 27th Mar 2018

    Most comfortable OWB holster that I've worn! Using it for a CZ P-07 which is what I carry concealed daily. Holds it tight against my body. Makes it easy to conceal.

  • 5
    Micro Slide OWB

    Posted by Paul Montgomery on 27th Mar 2018

    Most comfortable OWB holster that I've worn! Using it for a CZ P-07 which is what I carry concealed daily. Holds it tight against my body. Makes it easy to conceal.

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