OWB MaxSlide Holster - Signature Series

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  • OWB Hybrid MaxSlide Holster
  • OWB Hybrid MaxSlide Holster
  • OWB Hybrid MaxSlide Holster
  • OWB MaxSlide Holster - Signature Series


Our OWB MaxSlide holster gives you the flexibility of interchangeable kydex in the Max Holster platform. Double layered and stitched for added durability, our holsters come with a lifetime warranty and 30 day trial period. Our holsters carry close to the body, keeping the gun as vertical as possible against the body for maximum concealment. We also utilize the same FBI cant angle for our OWB holsters. This keep the but of the gun higher up which prevents printing and makes the draw more natural and smooth.




PLEASE NOTE: Belt slots are made to fit up to 1.75" wide gun belts. If you have a tactical or duty belt that is wider then 1.75" please let us know in the comment section of your order so we can adjust it accordingly. The image shown is an example and there may be some variances in leather thickness range marks, grain pattern, and color (lighter or darker). The MaxSlide is interchangeable with the MaxTuck/SideSlide Holster Platform products only. 

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85 Reviews

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    LjOWB MaxSlide for Glock 30S

    Posted by Mitch on 21st Jan 2018

    After having a White Hat IWB holster for a couple of years now and Texas finally passing open carry laws I decided it was time for an OWB holster. I knew I was going with another White Hat after loving my previous holster. The fit and finish of the holster is just as great as my previous one. Even being OWB my pistol is still concealed while wearing a regular button up shirt untucked which I like. The amount of options available to customize each aspect is nice also. (Not everybody wants a black holster with crosses on it!) I have already turned some of my friends to these holsters and would highly suggest them to anyone looking.

  • 5

    Posted by kieron kohlmann on 29th Dec 2017

    Perfect holster and excellent fit.

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    Re-Repeat Customer

    Posted by JACK BRANAM on 22nd Dec 2017

    Shortly after discovering kydex holsters, I discovered White Hat Holster Co. I decided to give them a try even tho they were from Texas. I have 5 of their holsters OWB/IWB and several belts. They have been great products and customer service has always been even better. Cant say more!

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    Internet search for quality holster.

    Posted by Tom on 20th Oct 2017

    I own many holsters. This one ranks right up there as one of the most comfortable going. It's conceals perfectly and the draw is flawless. Workmanship and quality of materials is superb. Looking forward to purchasing others!

  • 5
    Great Holster

    Posted by Chris on 29th Sep 2017

    I got a Maxslide for my Browning Hi-power, fis great and very comfortable

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    Holster design did not work for me

    Posted by Robert on 1st Sep 2017

    I was hoping this was going to be the answer to a OWB holster for my S&W Shield 9mm pistol with Crimson trace laser pro laser/light combo.The video on the website states that it is ok if the gun is loose in the holster.Because when you strap it on your belt, it will tighten the fit when the holster conforms to your body.
    The holster with the first Kydex skin was so tight you you could not even get it into the holster laying flat on a table.
    The second one was a little looser as I could insert it into the holster on the table but when I strapped it on it was so tight I could only pull it out with both hands and force.
    The third shell was looser yet but still too tight once against the curvature of my body strapped on with my belt.How tight it was depended on how tight your belt was.I give up!
    A Bladetech IWB holster (which is a full kydex shell holster) came with the laser sight/light combo and the gun fits perfectly in it, clicks in and out like it should.Problem is I just do not want to carry with a IWB.That is why I am looking for a OWB holster which Bladetech does not make.
    The half-shell design of the White Hat holster doesn’t seem to work for me with this particular gun/laser combo.It pinches the gun too tight with my body curve to work effectively for me.
    I commend White Hat for trying to fix the problem sending me 3 different skins, and their customer service is excellent and easy to deal with. I will look for a another new holster with a full kydex shell (instead of a half shell holster like the White Hat), one that does not pinch the gun when strapped on.
    I saw nothing on their website about any money back guarantee if you are ever dissatisfied with one of their products so I guess I will chalk this up as a learning experience and move on.
    The search continues !

  • 5
    Fantastic holster!

    Posted by Richard on 31st Aug 2017

    This thing fits my 5906 like a glove - great combination of retention and ease of draw, the cant is ideal and the construction is excellent. It even works with my 3913. You guys are the best kept secret for holsters up in Canada but I'll be changing that. Thanks for the great product!

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    Absolutely great.

    Posted by Raymond Barnhill on 12th Aug 2017

    I have tried several other holsters for my Ruger American 9mm but none can compare to your product. As advertised, I took my heat gun to tighten up the holsters grip on my gun. Works great now, not to tight but just right for me. The American flag on the holster is a must have for any patriot. Having my CPL, I can conceal carry but like to show my holster off just alittle bit. Hats off to White Hat Holsters for a job well done.

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    Solid Product

    Posted by John on 21st Jul 2017

    I wanted a quality OWB holster that still maintains concealment. This is it. My gun sits very close to my body with this holster. It allows more comfort than IWB, although I have another holster that I use for that because it's nice to have options. I'm very pleased. I didn't go for upgraded Kydex since my goal was concealed carry most of the time. I bought a gun belt at the same time. Both appear to be great quality and fit well. I actually went to the shop in person and received wonderful service.

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    Awesome Quality

    Posted by Mike on 19th Jun 2017

    The Maxslide is very well made, very comfortable, and fits my Ruger SR9C perfectly. A lot easier to conceal an OWB holster that I imagined. I could wear this most anywhere.
    Thanks WHH!

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