Carry Caddy Velcro Platform

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  • Carry caddy holster platform
  • Velcro purse holster
  • Briefcase holster platform
  • Velcro holster platform for handbags, purses, backpacks, etc.
  • Holster and platform in a briefcase
  • Holster and platform in a backpack
  • Holster and platform in a computer bag
  • Holster and platform in a purse
  • Holster and Carry Caddy in a briefcase
  • Carry Caddy platform in a case
  • Carry Caddy and holster in a backpack
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The Carry Caddy from White Hat Holsters is an innovative concealed carry platform that turns any handbag, purse, duffel bag, briefcase, backpack, etc. into a concealed carry bag. The Carry Caddy uses the Ulticlip 3.3 slim clips to attach to the fabric portion inside a bag or case to give a stable resting place for  your favorite Velcro holster to attach to. Simple clip it inside the pocket of your bag and place your Velcro holster against it. It is highly adjustable for ride depth and carry angle by relocating the clips or re-positioning the Velcro holster itself. Give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think. 30 day free trial and lifetime warranty. 

The Carry Caddy comes with the platform and clips only. Holster not included. 






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5 Reviews

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    Carry caddy velcro platform

    The platform with the holster is perfect for backpack, purses or wherever you can clip it to.

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    Perfect for CCW

    I take a normal fanny pack and I clip this in the inside pocket. I take my Cross Breed modular holster (already Velcro’d) and I Velcro onto this. Now I have a secure fanny pack with a holster covering the trigger. I don’t have to wear a tactical looking fanny pack thanks to this.

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    These are great to use for carrying various EDC items in the cargo pockets of my work pants.

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    I'm impressed. It works better than I expected. Great product.

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    Best way to secure a weapon inside a purse!

    Paired with the Micro VELCRO® Holster, this is by far the best method I've found to safely secure my Glock inside my purse. It's secure, keeps the trigger covered, but easily accessible in case I need to grab my firearm quickly. If you need something for inside a purse or briefcase look no further! All you'll ever need or want to conceal your firearm!

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