VELCRO® Brand fastener Clips

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  • velcro holster clips belt clips
  • velcro holster clips belt clips
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Our VELCRO® Brand fastener Clips are constructed of sturdy .125 thickness black kydex. They provide Maximum concealment over the Black Spring steel clips and the J-hook clips and are guaranteed never to break or crack or we will replace them immediately. Clips sets include 2 6-inch strips of loop VELCRO® Brand fastener to adhere to the inside of your belt. The hook side of the velcro is attached to the clip face and fastens inside the belt. This allows the belt to support the weight of your gun and holds the entire rig closer to your body. Super comfy, super concealment!

Clip sets include 2 clips, 2 washers, 2 strips of sticky loop VELCRO® Brand fastener, and 2 screw assemblies for attachment.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

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7 Reviews

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    Velcro for ultimate stealth

    For ultra-stealth, I recommend the Velcro hangers. With the Velcro you can tuck in your shirt and not worry about obvious clips showing. I’ve never had a problem with the Velcro releasing on draw. I took a little extra care when mounting the loop section to the belt. I made sure the belt inner surface was clean by using rubbing alcohol, then heated the surface with a blow-dryer to help emulsify the adhesive. After laying it on the belt, I pressed the belt between two hard-back books and I stacked some weights on help press everything together. I let it set-up overnight before use. A year-plus later and everything is still in place and working perfectly.

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    Extra Concealment, Good Retention

    I replaced my steel clips with these, because with a tucked in shirt, the black clips on my brown belt were very obvious. In-fact, even when I wasn't carrying, I still had two black marks across my belt that was left by the steel spring clips. After installing these, they are now far more discrete. My everyday carry belt is a brown leather belt. I sewed the Velcro strips to the inside of it using brown thread, because I was not sure how reliable the adhesive would be. I have been using it for about a year now, and it is still going strong. I have a black dress belt that I wear occasionally with a suit. On that belt, I used the adhesive on the back of the Velcro strips. I cleaned the belt thoroughly before applying and figured since I don't wear it everyday, it would probably be OK. After a while, the Velcro strips did begin to peel from that belt, so I guess sewing them on provides the best reliability.

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    This is the only way to truly carry concealed with a tuckable holster

    If your going to hang things on your belt lining the belt with the loop side of Velcro only makes sense. Nothing slips and the holster clips only show a 1/4 inch or less. While I have never had a White Hat holster move around I can't say that for all holsters, lights, knives and magazine carriers. I wish someone would make a 2 piece Velcro belt thin enough and light enough for every day wear. I don't know if it would sell more than the one I would buy.

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    velcro clips

    they are the best for cc and work very well also. easy on and off

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    The best option in my opinion

    I took my gun belt and cleaned the "inside" surface of it before applying the loop side of Velcro. Personally I put the loop side over the entire length of the belt, it adds a little cushion and makes it not feel as lop sided. Then, I installed these Velcro clips on my horsehide iwb holster with the Beretta 92 insert. Then, I tucked my dress shirt in over it and put my suit jacket on and headed to my friend's wedding. As the night progressed it got too hot to keep my jacket on, no one so much as stared in the firearm's direction. I even made it through a conga line without so much as an unusual stare! I am a small framed, athletic build 5'10" guy so the 92 would be considered too large for concealed carry, but that's why I love whitehat carry systems. When I go to the range I see people shoot very sub standard groups with tiny carry guns. They talk about their groups being combat effective, but they're not in combat. From what I've seen everyone should carry the largest handgun they can comfortably carry AND shoot well. Once the adrenaline kicks in and yours hands start to shake, that "combat effective group" that was shot calm, flat footed, at a stationary target with all the time in the world will suddenly equate to a lot of misses to account for in court if the worst should ever occur and you actually have to use your firearm for defensive purposes. With my whitehat iwb holster and these clips it's possible to carry a full size firearm all day long in 90 degree weather in total comfort, so why not carry what you shoot best? These clips are smoother and more comfortable than metal clips and the holsters themselves are great for beginners. If the firearm chosen no longer suits the need, a different insert can be purchased to use the holster you're already accustomed to with good retention on literally any gun. Even if a gun isn't listed during purchase you can send yours in to have something custom molded. All around these clips are the best option in my opinion for iwb carry in both concealment and comfor and these holsters are the best option all around.

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    clips are great, strips are meh

    If you have not had at least four or five people say to you "if you are going to carry concealed you need to spend the money on a good gun belt" and while that is certainly true, I will modify that with "a Velcro lined gun belt". If you ask me v clips are a requirement for using an IWB holster. They conceal better, they stay put better, and you won't chew up your hand on the spring clips when reaching in a pocket. The clips won't get hung up on stuff as you go about your day. If you plan to carry every waking hour, you would foolish to not use v-clips. Spend the money on the belt, the reason these get a 4 and not a 5 statist he adhesive is not strong enough to reliably stay put. Also there is a little more plastic extending past this hole which can dig into your leg depending on holster position. Also, the clips could be shorter, as keeping the grip free gives really only one option on the holes. Restated for clarity: if you carry IWB full time get v clips with a proper belt.

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    When you buy these clips, you are buying a very sturdy piece of equipment. These affix to alternate holster systems, as I have done so, with ease, as if they were meant for them. The rough velcro is affixed to the clips VERY well. The soft velcro strips that come with it work even after transferring them to other belts, although I recommend that you purchase additional soft-velcro strips for each belt being used. The clips hold very well to the waistband of the pants, and the velcro is strong enough to hold the rig in place all day long. The SUPER concealment that is provided with this system is wonderful. Even those who know I carry do not see the clips, as they are not visible from the onlooker's vantage-point! When deep concealment is a must, you have GOT to give this clip system a try!

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