Velcro Holster

Velcro Holster


If you are looking for a simple black on black concealed carry holster, checkout our legendary quality in a stealthy "Obsidian" Package.

*Black Bridle Leather  *Black Kydex and Screws  *Lifetime Warranty  *30 day satisfaction guarantee 



Express yourself, show your patriotism, and design your own concealed carry gear with our legendary "Signature" Series products.

*Horsehide and Cowhide Leather Options  *Colored and Designer Kydex  *Lifetime Warranty  *30 days satisfaction guarantee


These holsters are made with a triple-layered backing. High quality leather front, a tension insert in the center, and stitched hook side VELCRO® Brand fastener on the back which gives added durability and retention. This VELCRO® Brand Backed Holster is great for your tactical vest, concealed carry bag or purse, motorcycle saddle bag, or anywhere else that you need quick access with concealed stability. 

Made by hand in Texas, with only the best materials, our holsters come with a lifetime warranty against breakage under normal use and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Try one for yourself. We would love to hear what you think 

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